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"Giving Expats the best in TV programming"


Having been installing and fine-tuning satellite dishes all over France for over 20 years, we are now moving into the digital world with our new packages.

This is UK television similar to what you get from your Sky box, but delivered over the internet.

We are offering a package of programs via internet, no need for a VPN, if you want to see one working in your own home, If we have a spare unit in stock we can set one up for you on trial; Take a subscription,  and if you are just here for a few months in the summer, I can activate or switch off your monthly subscription at a moment's notice. You will need a decent Internet speed, around 6Mb/s reccomended, but more is better. if you have a poor speed from your landline, you can get a 4G router and sim card which some find better. Or ditch your Orange livebox and go for a Starlink system at 40 per month to sort out all your internet problems!

If you already have set-top box or an Amazon firestick, you can set it up yourself, with a bit of instruction, so this can be anywhere in the world. But the firestick option is not very user-friendly. We can give you trial for a couple of days for free so you can see how it works.

You can also bring your own box to us for setting up. We recommend the Mag 524W3 direct from Infomir ( or at around €100 from is the best box with UHD TV. Alternatively, you can opt for a "Formuler" Android box, which lets you have all your apps in one place, for Netflix, Prime etc. The Z8pro has 4K UHD if your internet speed can handle it. The 524W3 Mag box has integrated WiFi, but if possible you should use an ethernet cable for best results. the advantage of wifi is that you can easily move the box to another TV in another room.

If you look around the internet, you will find you can get cheaper packages. we have tried these and been disappointed, and once you take an annual subscription, the seller is not so interested in looking after you; so we recommend taking a 0ne-month sub with us. or if you want to turn it off for a while, it is easy to do

There is no guarantee that the server we have chosen will not have problems, so if you are on a monthly package and it becomes unstable or unreliable, I can just switch you to another portal. there are no refunds, so if you start a one-year deal, you are stuck with it.

Uk Tv from Sky, BT, etc




Contact Information

we can be reached by phone or Email, and our engineer can come to you if you live within a reasonable distance

Mobile Phone: call, text, WhatsApp or iMessage: 06 11 89 87 75
Base Location: 47260, Laparade  (Lot et Garonne)
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